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Annual Electrical Inspection Services

Annual Electrical Inspection is periodic Electrical Installation Inspection carried out by Electrical Inspector from the PWD to ensure compliance of Electrical Safety Standards in a facility with Indian Electricity Rules.

Scope of Annual Electrical Inspection :

  • To check abnormalities in panel board operation and to check adequacies of electrical wires, cables & Switchgears.
  • To check the approval of Transformer / D.G. sets.
  • To check if any alterations made to the existing LV/MV/DG. Installations.
  • Testing for leakage, ER, IR, Oil BDV values.
  • To check the qualification of List of authorized persons handling Electrical Installations.
  • To check List of Loads
  • To check presence of Rubber Matting, Fire Extinguisher, First Aid box, Shock Treatment Chart, Emergency Contact Numbers of Fire station, Hospital, Doctor, etc., Single Line diagram, addressing of Feeders in control/Transformer room.