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AMC / Annual Shutdown Services

A great deal can go wrong if an electrical distribution system is not adequately maintained. As an electrical load cycles between high & low demand, Thermal expansion & contraction causes connection to loosen. Electrical Panels that are never cleaned accumulate dust & dirt that deposits on these connection. The loose and the dirty connection provide a high resistance path that are directly responsible for more than 30% of electrical failures. Another 17% of electrical failures are attributed to live electrical components being exposed to moisture.

With annual Electrical preventive maintenance program, both these conditions which accounts for almost half of all electrical losses can be corrected.

  • Annual Maintenance Contract of Electrical Systems
  • HT Panel/ RMU Servicing
  • Dry/ Oil Type Transformer Servicing
  • LT Panel Servicing
  • ACB Servicing & Release Testing
  • Routine Testing of Transformer as Per IS
  • Relay Testing by Primary/ Secondary Injection
  • Earth Pit Maintenance
  • Energy Meter Calibration
  • Mobile DG Services
  • Modiļ¬cation In Existing Panels