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Earth Resistance Checkup

It is estimated that at least 15% of power quality problems are related to grounding. Lightning strikes on equipment with poorly maintained protection system destroy millions of dollars of equipment & lost production every year. Ensuring good grounding by testing can make certain that these problems don’t escalate.As there is no Soil available in new constructions it is not possible to measure Earth Resistances using Three Pin Method. Online Earth Tester enables us to measure Earth Resistances without disconnecting Earth strips and also without taking any shutdown.

Soil Resistivity Checkup

While designing of new earth pits, nature and resistivity of the soil plays an important role. To calculate number of parallel earthings required achieve a particular value of Earth Resistance, Soil resistivity checkup needs to be conducted at the location where new earthings are to be made. After a series of calculations, suggestions on size & material of Earth Rod, dept of earthing&qty of earth pits can be provided.