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Electrical & Fire Safety Audit

Today maximum fire incidents take place due to faults in the electrical system & improper maintenance of a facility.

Scope of study of Electrical & Fire Safety Audit is as follows :

  • Inspection of Statutory compliance with respect to Indian Electricity Rules.
  • Physical Inspection to identity electrical hazards (shock, fire, explosion, overloading, etc.,)
  • Review of Lightening Protection System.
  • Hotspot detection with Thermal Imager.
  • Testing of earthing by online earth tester.
  • Power Quality & Harmonics Analysis.
  • Review of smoke detectors & manual call points.
  • Review of Fire Alarm System, Gas Suppression System & VESDA
  • Reviews on Evacuation Emergency Plan.
  • Reviews on First Aid Management.
  • Reviews on Redundant Supply to fire panels.
  • Reviews on Electrical Safety Equipment in Electrical Room.
  • Reviews on Safety Signs & Notices.
  • Review on Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hydrant System.
  • Review on Water Leakage Detectors.