Electrical Equipment failures account for a large sum of money in damage and lost business every year hence Annual Preventive Maintenance of Electrical Panels & Equipment is important irrespective of whether the equipment is old or new.


AMC of Electrical Systems

HT Panel / RMU Servicing

Relay Testing by Primary / Secondary Injection

Transformer Servicing

Transformer Oil Filtration

Routine Testing of Transformer as per IS

LT Panel Servicing

ACB Servicing & Release Testing

Sandwiched Type Bus Duct / Riser Servicing

Earth Pit Maintenance

Mobile DG Services

Modification in Existing Panel

As electrical load cycles between high and low demand, thermal expansion and contraction causes connection to loosen. Apart from this, there is a continual vibration in the environment which leads to loosening of the terminations. If these issues are not attended every year, it may lead to serious hazards such as fire / flashover in the electrical system.

Individual locations may require more frequent maintenance due to harsh environments
where excessive moisture or dust may be present.

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